Contemporary Visual Artwork

Artist Statement

My work explores the transience of human existence and the delicate nature of our shared moments. Human experiences such as life, death, loss and memory are recurrent themes within my practice and artwork. Much of my work ultimately alludes to the fleeting nature of human existence. Within my work I invite viewers to contemplate the impermanence and brevity of life and the profound beauty which can be found in fleeting human experiences. 
I invite observers to embrace the moments that define our journey and find meaning in fleeting fragments of time. The materials I use are constantly changing whilst remaining relevant to each concept I am exploring at the time. The range of mediums I work through often includes photography, painting, drawing, found objects, clay and porcelain, natural materials, found objects and man-made materials. I also create video and sound pieces to accompany installations and environments which encourage the viewer to walk around or engage with the work in some way.


Porcelain folds, 2024