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Hello Yellow is an online journal created by third year students on BA (Hons) Contemporary Art course at Atlantic Technological University.
As a team of 15 we created this journal as part of our Visual Culture module. 
My role in the creation of this site (alongside shooting and post production of video footage in Adobe Premiere Pro) was to create the website layout and template from scratch using Wix website builder.
My own page on the site is titled The Artist's Studio. 

This short documentary was filmed, edited and produced alongside interview recordings which were captured between January to April 2023 within the college itself. In starting these conversations I aimed to draw out what some of our interviewees thought were some of the main focal points of an artists studio, the importance of the studio space for students.

 Throughout the video we hear from ATU lecturers Get Leslie, John Brady and Blaise Drummond who kindly agreed to be interviewed. They share their own thoughts and insight on what the studio space means, particularly to students and the importance of creating that space where one is free to experiment and explore different materials and processes. Throughout the video we look at the current workshop spaces, works in progress and the current work of students undertaking the BACA Contemporary Art degree at ATU Wellpark, Galway city.