Group Show June 2023 - 126 Gallery Galway

126 Artist-Run Gallery (Group Show)
June 18-27, 2023
Watch the Youtube Video here

Artist Statement

Found objects and other materials may normally be of sentimental value, particularly in their connections to loved ones, memories, thoughts, feeling & emotions. However, they can also evoke specific feelings and disrupt their surroundings or viewers inner most thoughts.  

This installation work explores ideas around body and identity, life, its fragility, the representational properties of light drawings and how fleeting life can sometimes be. Through the use of a combination of media, this project explores ways of representing these discoveries through the utilisation of symbolic found objects, conductors of energy and light. The project also includes an isolator and aims to draw a reaction from its viewer. The reaction can be internal or external and as personal reactions go, these reactions are always very individual to each viewer who interacts with the work.  

Through experimenting with light and the suspension of light drawing within a physical space the artist aims to draw out questions and conclusions on the battle between light and dark, fragility of life, a sense of physical body but presence of "something else". The preliminary project ideas stem from loss and the disappearance or absence of the physical body.