Contemporary Visual Art


I am an Artist and Teacher and currently based in my studio in County Roscommon. Having taught both nationally and internationally for several years, I returned to study Art full time at ATU Galway. My work explores the transience of human existence and the delicate nature of our shared moments. Experiences such as life, death, loss and memory are recurrent themes within my practice and artwork, much of which ultimately alludes to the fleeting nature of life. Within my work I invite viewers to contemplate the impermanence and brevity of life and the profound beauty which can be found in shared human experiences. I view the concept of memory as an intangible thing which can be converted to objects whether found or made and influenced by lived experiences. My works and process span across a variety of materials including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, music, videography and digital media. 

Here you will see some snippets of work I have worked on through out 4 projects in 3rd Year Contemporary Art at ATU Galway. You can also view more videos, highlights and posts on these on my social media pages.
If you have any questions about any of the work below please feel free to email



Hold, 2024
Installation: Lace, herculite, steel rods, steel barrel, MDF and porcelain wall pieces.
Size: 10x8x3ft approx


Installation view
Hold, 2024.  Installation, (Detail Shot of lace and steel barrel)
Hold, 2024. Installation, 14x10x8ft approx, MDF, lace, herculite, plaster, aluminium barrels, steel rods and video projection. (Digital Drawing/composite).
Hold On, 2024. Photoshop edited photographic work.
Hold, 2024.  Installation. (Detail shot)
Title: Mirror
Installation, 2023. Led light, found object, steel rod, copper, cardboard, tiles.
Mirror, reflections. Installation 2023
Mirror, Photoshop of progress photo of Installation in the making
Studio Space close up, May 2023
Fired & glazed ceramic face masks, 2023
Photoshopped original images of found object 2022
Handmade, printed and bound book of images 2022
Title: "Gone"
Copied old letters, Stained paper and glass wax, 2022
Studio Space, Dec 2022
Found object, stained paper and glass wax 2022
Object and Memory 2022
Ceramics, paper and glass wax
Object and Memory 2022
Ceramics, paper and glass wax
Object and Memory 2022
Paper and glass wax
Object and Memory 2022
Paper and glass wax