Commission an Artwork

I am now accepting commissions for the final quarter of 2023.
  • Please note: there will be very limited availability for September 2023 to July 2024 as I have other commitments and projects during this time.

EMAIL with your reference photos or send via message on my Instagram or Facebook Art Page.

  • Pastels, Polychromos pencils, watercolour or graphite pieces pieces on paper take 4-8 weeks for completion. 
  • Acrylics on canvas 4-8 weeks
  • Oil paintings take considerably longer and because of drying time can often take anywhere from 6-8 months minimum.
The most important factor in commissioning a realistic drawing, painting human or pet portrait is the reference photo that I am to work from. The image(s) must be:
  • Very high quality, or as high as possible.
  • Should not be over or under exposed,
  • Must not have any filters on them (cosmetic or otherwise) and
  • Must be clear when zoomed in on.


Photo Tips:

  • It is best to use a DSLR camera as opposed to a mobile phone camera. (Camera phones are ok if it is one of a high spec).
  • Take photos of your animal outside in a natural light.
  • Try to get on your pets level (eye level) and make sure that the picture is fully in focus and there isn’t a ‘flash’ in their eyes.
  • Make sure you send the photos in their original format (don’t crop or edit the photos) as this can decrease the size and resolution of the image.
  • Send the images as an attachment
The decision is yours on what pose / look you want from your animal as you know that certain personality they have and what portrays them best. I can only work from what I am given so please bear in mind while I always strive to do my absolute best it is very difficult to work with lower quality images

If you have any questions or are undecided on which photo to use feel free to e-mail me at or fill the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Bookings are solely secured by payment of a non-refundable 50% deposit. In certain circumstances for larger projects I may adjust this % where I see fit.
  • Please note that by paying your 50% deposit you are in agreement that this is a non-refundable fee. Like many artists, I must be able to cover my costs and my time-thank you for your understanding.
  • Please note I do not accept "exposure" or any form of advertising as payment under any circumstances.